I care about my work and how I can positively change my customer's lives. Here's some of my feedback...

" Before I worked with Sarah, I was struggling with knowing who I was and what I wanted to do for myself. I was lacking in self-confidence and felt very little value for myself personally. I knew this was a problem and really wanted to explore tools to build me back up again.

I found the coaching sessions to be firstly really valuable in terms of giving me time to reflect, explore and ask questions. I didn't necessarily have the answers but I had more ideas and could recognise my options a lot more clearly. And secondly, great at giving me the tools to move through life in a calmer more focussed and more positive way. My personal result has been a much more positive outlook on myself, and much more excitement about what comes next for me. I probably still don't have all the answers, but thats ok! I feel better about who I am and what I have been successful at, and I know I will enjoy much more success in the future.

Sarah has been really easy to talk to, and structures the sessions really clearly offering lots of insight into why we are doing things and how to adjust your old habits. I really have got a lot out of doing the VIP programme and feel positive about the new me. "


" The time I spent with you was wonderful and I’m hoping to take what I’ve learned to help empower others. "


" I never thought I’d plan my to do list around my cycle but that’s exactly what I do now!

Through MCA, I have found that I am quite efficient and productive the week before my period, so this is the week when I plan out my appointments and admin tasks. Instead of forcing myself through these tasks throughout the month, I now go with the natural flow of my cycle, which means I get things done far more easily.

I’ve also learned the importance of complete rest during my period. This permission to take care of myself at this time has been life changing. No more guilt, no more 'shoulds'. Thank you, Sarah! Your wisdom, guidance, and support on all things MCA has been fantastic. "


" Before I worked with Sarah, I was struggling with self esteem issues. A combination of life changing health problems, professional failures, and personal tragedies sent me spiralling downward. After years of treading water and nearly a failed marriage due to my severe apathy, I started clawing my way out of the deep, dark hole. Sarah helped me to spin negative thoughts into positive thoughts. One of our exercises was to look in the mirror and tell my reflection that I loved myself. While I haven't 100% managed to say, the work that I have done with Sarah has helped me to at least say that I don't hate myself as much as I did, that I'm not a terrible person, that I'm pretty darn spiffy and I have some good qualities. And, you know, I DO have good qualities.

The coaching sessions were helpful in that sometimes you need someone to listen and ask questions. Those questions were tough questions and required a lot of reflection, but they were necessary questions. We practiced guided meditation and breathing exercises. Even breathing, which seems like such a simple concept, was something I never considered doing until Sarah said to try it. Breathing didn't fix all the issues, but taking a few moments to try to relax and clear my head before it popped off and spun into orbit was invaluable.

My personal outcome has been overall positive. I wish I had more time with Sarah than our six week sessions allowed because I know I have a lot of work ahead to banish the negativity and regain my confidence. She gave me the tools I needed to recognize a problem within myself, such as self-sabotage. With her coaching, I am now able to work through that problem by affirming that I am capable of handling that problem and come out on the other side less frazzled and ultimately victorious.

I appreciate Sarah taking the time to help me and encourage me when I had no help and no encouragement. She was always upbeat and cheerful and approached each session with the appropriate level of seriousness and empathy. "


" Being coached by Sarah has made such a difference in my life - I wanted to make some changes as have been lacking energy and vitality and I wanted to embrace more vitality and figure out how to make better choices when it comes to food, exercise and mindfulness.

Working step by step on a weekly basis with Sarah has massively helped me to make some really great changes in a very achievable way - no drastic diets or overwhelm, just proactive steps to get more of the positive in. I feel so positive about being able to maintain these practices and can feel the benefits of the mindset shift already! Thanks Sarah! "


" Every single session I have with Sarah includes lightbulb moments! Thanks to her coaching, I have been able to create a solid foundation of looking and listening to me and trusting in that. "