Menstrual Cycle Coach, Wellness Advocate, Yoga Instuctor, Speaker, Writer, Podcaster, and Mama

I educate women on their journey to understanding their menstrual cycles. Ditching confusion, fear and stigmas, women can tap into their unique energy rhythms and become friends with their bodies. I have been working with women for the past 8 years and has been in education for over 15 years.

I first became aware of the subtleties in which you can align your life with your cycle when searching for a better way after having our daughter and not getting on well with birth control.

Health Coach certification
Life Coach certification

" Every single session I have with Sarah includes lightbulb moments! Thanks to her coaching, I have been able to create a solid foundation of looking and listening to me and trusting in that. "


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I then discovered Menstrual Cycle Awareness and my life changed for the better. I rediscovered myself and a way of living in tune with my body that I had never experienced before.

My awakening to this way of life made me realise that so many women were missing this crucial element in theirs and, with that, I set off to change that, one period talk at a time! Last, but not least, I am a Mama, a Wife, a Friend, and working on myself and my version of my life every single day, laughing and making mistakes along the way.