Embodying your Menstrual Magic: Helping you nurture, align, and materialise your goals

A coaching program designed to help you embody your magic, honoring your energy cycles and harness it to create a life you truly desire.

  • Do you feel like your energy is unpredictable, constantly dragging, or like it is an uphill battle to find energy that you just don’t have? (Heyyy fourth cup of coffee drinker, I am looking at you! And past me.)

  • Are you ready to have an ease in your business + life that you never thought achievable?

  • Are you ready to know how to plan your days and weeks according to your own natural energy and creative rhythms?

  • Are you ready to show up for your clients, your launches, your projects, your family + friends with the most energy available to you to uplevel your business + life to create more impact and income?

Woman looking happy and relaxed

Over three months, we will cover the following activities:

  • 8 one on one sessions with me

  • 3 months of personalised coaching, mentorship + accountability to get you to living the life you deserve!

  • Audio recordings from each session

  • WhatsApp support during office hours

  • Email support and curated worksheets and eBooks

Pricing £1275/$1500
This can be paid per month or by other arrangements (contact me)

"Sarah is such a great blend of humour and support... She is enthusiastic, energetic and kind.

She encourages me to find my strength and keep going but to always listen to my own body."

In a world that tells us that this is normal (To depend on caffeine and feel depleted), I am here to show you a better way…By harnessing your natural energy cycles and becoming the authority over your body again. (Can you imagine what it would feel like to be refreshed and in sync, if you can't even remember what that feels like, don’t worry. Almost every single client I have helped has started from that exact place.) This is what is possible for you if you start cycle-syncing your life and your business.

'I came into the process open minded and wanting to know about my cycle, but I gained so much more mentally, emotionally and spiritually than I could have imagined. The programme well exceeded my expectations, and Sarah is the perfect guide to help you embrace all you learn along the way. Her enthusiasm and support during our sessions were so energising and uplifting. I felt so seen and heard, and endlessly validated. I've experienced increased productivity and a decrease in my brain fog from using the tools Sarah provided to tap into the rhythms of my cycle. I’ve become more decisive and also seen a growth in my confidence and self-esteem. I’m also more in sync with my cycle, and have increased my knowledge and understanding of myself. Most importantly, I’m finally beginning to GIVE MYSELF PERMISSION TO BE! I would recommend Sarah 1000 times over!-Nadia

Are you ready to see what is possible? Ahem, if you’re reading this you likely have big plans but just feel like you don’t have the energy to do them. I can help with both the energy and the doing things. It’s literally my superpower.

More of the details...

Here is the space for you to understand what is happening in your body, learn tools to support your own unique energetic cycles, to learn how to work WITH your energy and create the big changes you’ve been promising yourself you would make. This space is designed to meet you exactly where you are at and show you how to listen to your body’s natural cycle and to design your life + business around this. Imagine a life without the hustle, the shame, the guilt, the rage.

Imagine a life where you align with your body’s natural rhythm, and avoid burnout. (Because burnout is quite literally birthed from dishonoring your body’s natural rhythm) Imagine a life devoid of confusion and hating yourself, a life without frustration and having a life of understanding, connection, confidence, and empowerment. This helps you to work in more flow, be more productive, and dare I say more profitable? Yeah, I said it, but more importantly, I mean it.

If your mind is saying, “yeah, right?” I hear you and I want to invite you to take a moment and feel into your body. Somewhere inside of you, you know this available and perhaps it was the nudge that led you right here. And friend, I am here to hold you and help you make this happen for you.

My 3-month coaching program is designed to show you how to listen to your body’s natural cycle so that you deeply understand what she is trying to tell you to better support your natural energy cycles in your life. You are going to become the authority over your body.

You will come back to a space of remembering and balance to live in harmony with your cycle. Each coaching session will help you integrate and embody the tools to create a personalized connection with your cycle and energy. We will use a variety of tools such as breathwork, embodiment, yoga, and coaching to help this integration and embodiment. So many coaches show you the tools, but not many walk with you through the integration, that's where the true magic happens.

Over coaching sessions, you will have support for questions and guidance so you are never in the dark, overwhelmed, or burned out from trying to align your life with cyclical living. You will be walked through step by step on how to make this work in your life, so you never feel lost. You'll have one on one access to me via mail support where you can ask questions, integrate, and get deep support so that when you leave, you have a solid foundation in your life and are ready for wild success. I have already done the guesswork, I have made the mistakes and figured out what works. Let me guide you so you don't have to make the same mistakes.

Powerful, intentional coaching with me to break through what is keeping you stuck, build true confidence in yourself and take action on what matters as well as time to implement the change you are making and the commitment to yourself.

This is a space for education, inspiration, and accountability. You will be led through meaningful transformation by engaging in conscious action. You will learn to make space for your self-care rituals, get clear on what really matters to you, learn tools & techniques to aid self-healing inside and out, build confidence and create real meaningful change. All by tapping into your menstrual cycle and your own natural energy cycle.

Can you hear it? The sigh of relief you’ve been waiting for?

And I will be with you every step of the way so you never feel lost.

After 3 months together you can expect to have a solid foundation in your life and business, understand your unique energetic rhythm, and the techniques for leveraging them in your business to create wild success.

Are you ready to go on a journey to embracing more power, productivity, passion, ease, and success in your business and your life?

You will come back to a space of remembering to live in harmony with your cycle and energy. To stop fighting against your body’s cycles and learn how to leverage it to your advantage. Helping you do this, is kinda my superpower. And the results my clients have are theirs.