My fun and adaptable programs educate and inspire you so that you can ditch the confusion and stigmas around your menstrual cycle and finally start to become friends with your body.

I strongly believe in the benefits of 1:1 sessions. Unlike self paced and pre-recorded sessions, I'm there to listen and reflect. I can share my experiences and what I have learnt over the years. Most importantly, it can be tailored to you and your needs.

Mini-Courses & Freebies

I'll be back soon with Mini-Courses and Free Content but in the meantime, feel free to contact me using the form at the bottom of the page.

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Align Your Life

A 3 month course where I work with you to understand how your menstrual cycle is affecting you, then tailor an approach to help you overcome challenges, become empowered and aligned with your period.

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Cycle Sync Your Life

A single day, packed with information and support around menstrual awareness in a business context. With the goal of letting you thrive and be successful through managing your cycle.

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