Well, Hello There, 2016.

aspirations, Bliss, essential oils, gratitude, happiness, inspiration, kindness, me time, new year's resolution, yoga / Wednesday, December 30th, 2015


It is that time of year again. The time for self reflection, pulling out old resolutions or, as I like to call them, intentions. I like to sit back, glass of wine in hand, and think long and hard about what I have achieved-not what I haven’t-this year and what my intentions are for the year to come.

  1. Authentic Service-I want to continue to serve my family and clients as authentically as possible. I am here to help, serve, and guide. This was a big part of my 2015 and I want to carry it on as I still like how this feels.
  2. Nourishment-This is for my mind, body, and soul. I WILL learn what it means to actively take part in Self-Care, for myself and my relationships. I will feed my body as cleanly as I can, and I will continue to educate myself on my yoga and essential oil journey. I have learned so much in 2015 about who I am and how I want to lead my life (yes, I do have self doubt, who doesn’t?), but I am actively trying to be a better person and I love it.
  3. Educate-This goes with Nourishment. In my mind, you can never read too much, watch too many documentaries, or have too many discussions. I plan to set aside time, every day, to seek these pleasures. Perhaps I will stay up late (ha!) or get up early to read a few pages of my new book, to take time to fully absorb it. To take notes on it. Start a Sadhana…a way to accomplish something.
  4. Renegade-Now, this isn’t always viewed as positive. I, however, want to become a Renegade in my thinking, in how I accomplish goals and how I think outside of the box.
  5. Growth-Easy. In my life and my businesses, I want to grow. I will do this by adhering to the other intentions I plan to help shape my 2016.

What are your intentions for 2016?