Weekly Links

weekly loves, yoga / Sunday, April 28th, 2013

The blog is going to take a slight shift…

Starting on a Sunday, I am going to try to get out my ‘Weekly Loves’ (name subject to change ha!). Things I have been reading online and things that I find interesting. Hope you enjoy!

Weekly Loves

I’ve always had them. they got worse when I moved to BR, Cancer Alley, if I remember the nickname correctly. Found these two links via Never Homemaker and thought they were very appropriate!
Allergy Tea Appropriate since I am loving all things natural
Sinus soother DIY and natural

**Sleep, what’s that?**
Anyone that knows me and knows Q knows we don’t get much sleep round these parts. Stumbled upon this article after an awful night and boy, did it make me laugh!

Interesting article comparing different sugars 
Love reading  How We Montessori and loved reading this entry the other day.

This video has been around for some time, but I love it and never fails to amaze me and perk up my spirit 🙂