‘A cleanse is the perfect way to break away from habits that don’t serve us. It’s a time to strip away anything that can be damaging our system and really listen to what our bodies are telling us. And then create new habits that heal instead of harm. As a Nutritionist, I can tell you this is nothing you easily do on your own, not even if you know what it is you need to do. Through Sarah’s program, I got the support I needed to prepare in the best possible way, to get started and keep going, and to transition into a new way of thinking about my daily habits. She went all in to keep us motivated and accountable with her presence, reminders, her daily affirmations, all-around good vibes, and the connection with the lovely Facebook community she created around the Cleanse. I came away with lots of new recipes I love, a renewed sense of wellbeing, and quite a few lessons learned.

Aina L.

‘Before I worked with Sarah, I was struggling with knowing who I was and what I wanted to do for myself.  I was lacking in self-confidence and felt very little value for myself personally.  I knew this was a problem and really wanted to explore tools to build me back up again. I found the coaching sessions to be firstly really valuable in terms of giving me time to reflect, explore and ask questions.  I didn’t necessarily have the answers but I had more ideas and could recognise my options a lot more clearly.  And secondly, great at giving me the tools to move through life in a calmer more focussed and more positive way.  My personal result has been a much more positive outlook on myself, and much more excited about what comes next for me.  I probably still don’t have all the answers, but that’s ok!  I feel better about who I am and what I have been successful at, and I know I will enjoy much more success in the future.
Sarah has been really easy to talk to, and structures the sessions really clearly offering lots of insight into why we are doing things and how to adjust your old habits.  I really have got a lot out of doing the VIP programme and feel positive about the new me.’

Toni K.

‘I loved doing the cleanse with Sarah. I felt so supported and encouraged with everything Sarah shared before, during and after. If not for her positive, fresh and happy guidance and the support of the FB group, I would not have sticked to the cleanse. Afterwards, I had way more energy, way less bloating and woke up feeling much more rested and fresh. I even continued the cleanse for 3 more days, as I loved to feel more energized. ‘


‘ I would recommend Sarah to anyone whether beginner or experienced. She has found the right balance in so much as her classes are always enjoyable and fun whilst also stimulating and beneficial. She encourages you to listen to your body and push yourself only as far as you are comfortable however the improvements in posture, core strength and flexibility are noticeable. Her group classes have plenty of hard work but are filled with laughter and there is a great camaraderie between the group with Sarah at the helm. Her one on one classes are tailored to your needs and to your goals whether that be a specific sport or a particular area of the body you want to focus on and as a keen cyclist I’ve found them extremely beneficial. Suffice to say her energy; enthusiasm and sense of humour make her a great teacher and her classes are very much there to be enjoyed. ‘