Setting Your Intention for the New Moon

essential oils, goals, gratitude, happiness, inspiration / Thursday, September 1st, 2016

NewMoonIntentionsMy dear friend Ariadne’s newsletter just hit my inbox. Seriously, she is a goddess, y’all! I was inspire to FINALLY take the time to set some New Moon intentions and though you may like to do the same. I am a BIG fan of setting goals and intentions and following my Vision Board-I feel it truly helps. Using those tools and my essential oils 

Below are the steps she recommends when intention setting during this phase of the moon.


1. Set the scene: make yourself comfortable with a cup of herbal tea or a glass of red, light some candles, use your favourite essential oils, incense etc. Create your space so it feels sacred and safe. Ensure you won’t be disturbed for at least 15 minutes.

2. Breathe: Close your eyes and practice a few rounds of nadi shodana (alternate nostril breathing) or simply focus on taking a few full belly breaths through the nose.

3. Remember you are already whole: Your only job is to tune into the peace that’s already there. It’s ok to want to change and improve yourself, but remember it’s not because you’re not enough without those changes.

4. Ask for guidance: With your eyes closed, tune into the place in your body where you feel connected to your intuition/gut feeling. Stay there a few moments and then ask yourself for guidance for this New Moon phase. Be open to anything that comes up – you don’t need to go looking for anything and you definitely don’t need to understand it all. Simply observe what comes up. After a while open your eyes and write down any reflections from your meditation.

5. Journal: Answer the following prompts

– What does my soul need me to do this month?
– How does my body need me to show up?
– How do I want to feel?
– What is my no1 priority for this month?

6. Choose your word/mantra: Based on your reflections, choose a word or sentence to capture the essence of your intention. It can be something like, ‘lightness’, ‘cleanse’, ‘motivate’, or it can be a full phrase like: ‘I open up to new opportunities without fear’. Write it on a post it and put it somewhere visible. Memorise it and remind yourself of it throughout the month.

Let me know how you get on! I am so excited to try this new ritual and to see how it solidify’s my intention setting practice.

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