Self Care, How Do YOU Do It?

Uncategorized / Thursday, August 14th, 2014

Self Care. A new buzzword. Or is it really so new? How do you take care of yourself? How do you refill your emotional tank, your mental tank, any tank that needs refilling? Here are a few ideas on things YOU can do to relax, rewind, and rest.

1) Sleep sleep sleep-Retire a bit earlier, say 9/9:30 if you want to be asleep by 10/10:30. Get tucked up into bed and then read-no, not on your mobile, tablet, kindle. An actual book or magazine. Physically flip the pages. This lets you sink into a beautiful place of rest and relaxation. You aren’t kept away by that awful glare our devices give off.

2) Move-Get some physical activity-some of my best ideas come while pounding the payment or in a sweaty yoga session. Physical exercise helps to engage and stimulate the mind, helps the blood to flow. I use SworkIt-a free app on my mobile to do a bit of HIIT training if I don’t have much time.

3) Meditate or Cultivate Mindfulness-Enjoy quiet time. Meditate. Practice breathing exercises. Even just 5 minutes a day is a great way to help you stay in the present moment with the breath. Ground yourself, be with the breath, inhale, exhale, slowly and evenly. A free app that you can download on your mobile is the Mindfulness Meditation. It is easy to use and great for any level.

4) Nourish-Fuel yourself with wholesome foods. If you eat crap, you will feel like crap. Drink enough water, nourish yourself correctly and you will be in a better place physically and mentally. Lots of different websites and apps to help you with this but a few favourites of mine are Deliciously Ella, 101 Cookbooks, and plain old Google, not to mention that new toy all the cool kids like, Pinterest.

5) Schedule- If you work from home, are a parent, a schedule is super important so work doesn’t start to creep into your personal time. You can relax and come back to your business or household with fresh eyes and ideas. Most people use a planner, a new system I have come across is the Bullet Journal (Pinterest has tons of ideas for this) and I love Evernote because it syncs with EVERYTHING! Make sure that you schedule some time out time for you, even if that is a bath every Saturday 😀

6) Support system-Being able to share the things that stress or overwhelm you with someone you trust is so important. Whether it be your partner, best friend, mentor, or coach, they can help you to see things more clearly and give you ideas on how to become unstuck and move forward. No crazy apps for this one, I’m afraid.