Self Care for Your Spring

Uncategorized / Saturday, April 17th, 2021

Over on the podcast (dropping Monday!), I discussed self-care tips for your Spring. I mean, EVERYONE talks about self-care but do they actually do anything about it? Let’s chat, shall we?

First of all, what the heck is self-care?! To me, it is whatever the hell makes my soul sing, my heart shimmy, and fills my cup to overflow (thanks DopeMomLife!). This looks different ALL the time. Some constants in my self-care bucket are walks with friends, a good book, a hot bath. Also topping the list: getting my eyebrows threaded AND spring cleaning the house (weird, right?! If your outside is clean, your inside will be, too! haha). Due to us all being different souls, different activities will make us sparkle, sunshines. What makes you sparkle?

As with any time our energy is on the rise (thank you, estrogen!) we have a tendency to overdo it. Burn the candle at both ends, so to speak. How do you know if you are doing that? By listening to your own body’s cues, that’s how! And yes, our bodies have cues they send us to say we are getting burned out. My particular ones are getting snarky, feeling like I can’t catch up, and overwhelm. And I get it, overwhelm is a word batted around A LOT these days. But it is real. And it does come about in various ways, one of them being overstretching our energy and expenditure. Head on over to the Podcast for my tips on what you can do to help combat overwhelm and burn out.