Positively align your life with your menstrual cycle
  • Tap into your natural energy cycles
  • Gain a better understanding of your body
  • Reduce stress and the sense of being overwhelmed
  • To be more productive and successful in your life.
Woman looking happy and relaxed

Over three months, we will cover the following activities:

  • 8 one on one sessions with me

  • 3 months of personalised coaching, mentorship + accountability to get you to living the life you deserve!

  • Audio recordings from each session

  • WhatsApp support during office hours

  • Email support and curated worksheets and eBooks

  • Two 30 minute yoga classes - one for Spring/Summer and one for Autumn/Winter

Pricing £750/$997
This can be paid £250/$330 per month or by other arrangements (contact me)

"Sarah is such a great blend of humour and support... She is enthusiastic, energetic and kind.

She encourages me to find my strength and keep going but to always listen to my own body."

My 3-month coaching program is designed to show you how to listen to your body’s natural cycle so that you deeply understand what she is trying to tell you to better support your natural energy cycles in your life.

You will come back to a space of remembering and balance to live in harmony with your cycle. Each coaching session will help you integrate and embody the tools to create a personalized connection with your cycle and energy.

Over coaching sessions, you will have support for questions and guidance so you are never in the dark, overwhelmed, or burned out from trying to align your life with cyclical living. You will be walked through step by step on how to make this work in your life, so you never feel lost. You'll have one on one access to me via Voxxer/WhatsApp office hours 2xweek as well as email support to where you can ask questions, integrate, and get deep support so that when you leave you have a solid foundation in your life and are ready for wild success.

Powerful, intentional coaching with me to break through what is keeping you stuck, build true confidence in yourself and take action on what matters as well as time to implement the change you are making and the commitment to yourself.

This is a space for education, inspiration, accountability. You will be led through meaningful transformation by engaging in conscious action. You will learn to make space for your self-care rituals, get clear on what really matters to you, learn tools & techniques to aid self-healing inside and out, build confidence and create real meaningful change. All by tapping into your menstrual cycle and your own natural energy cycle.

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