Oh Man, I Am In Love

Recipes / Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Oh my. I have discovered the easiest, quickest, maybe not so healthiest (though you can make it as healthy as you want!) pasta dish….

It doesn’t look pretty, but boy, oh boy! Be prepared to have your socks knocked off!


Pasta (I use Gluten Free but whatever you have is fine)
Pepper-Orange is pretty!
Green and Black olives
Olive Oil

Start by chopping the veg. Add them to a bowl and drizzle olive oil on, along with your seasoning. Pop in the oven to roast. Boil the pasta and add to the mixing bowl, along with tuna and olives. Once the veg is roasted, combine, add a bit more olive oil and parmesan. Mix to combine. Eat!

Really? Like 20 minutes from start to finish (that doesn’t include my scoffing it). Brilliant-customise it all you want. Add pine nuts, the original recipe had roasted chickpeas-WHATEVER. Pure, simple brilliance. Yummmy!pasta