Mercy to Mastery

What if I said to you that you can take away the confusion, the guilt, the pain that surrounds your cycle? What if I said I can help you solve the biggest mystery of your female life? Oh yes, I can help you understand your period! How amazing is that? 

I’ve been sharing a lot on Instagram about tracking your cycle and why it is important and I discovered something. Many women DO track their cycle. However, they don’t utilise that information to serve their lifestyles. I was SHOCKED! And so I set out to change that. 

As I said above, we all have a story. Our bodies tell a story. The trick is to listen. And not many of us listen very well. There is no judgement in that statement as I was definitely someone who ignored her body so much, I forgot I had one! 

The program will guide you back to listening, to understanding the signs and signals she is giving you. To be able to take the guesswork out of your moods, hormones, and period. 

The Program Details:

A 3 month journey

  • Intimate group setting
  • Personalised cycle tracking by Sarah
  • Support to start tracking your own cycle
  • Daily cycle tracking support
  • Video lessons-How to Effectively Utilise the Seasons of Your Cycle
  • Q&A Calls
  • Workbook
  • Personalised plan with bespoke guidance tailored to you


£300/3 months (£100/month)
Payment plans available