Mama, You Are So Worth It

Uncategorized / Monday, January 13th, 2020
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Read that quote again. You are a bright, beautiful goddess. And you can read that over and over again but how do you truly get to belive it? Or, are you like a lot of women and believe it mostly, but certain times of the month you find it more challenging? Something I find so fascinating about being a woman is the fluctuation of our hormones on the daily and how they play a massive role in so many aspects of our lives.

Self-esteem, confidence, and self-love are all very much wrapped up in our hormone fluctuations. It can happen at any time but most report that it happens around the PMS stage of your cycle (right before your bleed starts). And you know exactly what I am talking about. You can go to bed fine and wake up absolutely hating how you look, feeling disgusting about yourself and your body. It almost feels a bit psychotic, right?
For women who ‘free bleed’ (those that aren’t on hormonal birth control) it’s that drop in progesterone — and estrogen — that can leave you feeling seriously yuck and depressed before your period, especially compared to the confidence and ‘va va voom’ you feel the first two weeks of your cycle. Do you feel me? BUT WHY, I hear you scream from the rooftops. This reduction in estrogen also causes serotonin to drop (that’s the happy hormone) which leaves you more self-critical, depressed, and even OCD can flair at this time. You are even more sensitive to physical pain so schedule that bikini wax for another week in your cycle, mmkay? Overall, you’re less resilient and capable to deal in the face of stresses and feel sadder, hungrier, and more scared, tearful, and angsty. Brilliant, right?
Makes total sense why we beat ourselves up and turn all this negativity towards ourselves! (In all seriousness though, if they are crippling you each month, you could be suffering from PMDD which is similar to PMS but people suffer from full-on depression every month.

Understanding how your cycle works and how it fluctuates can help this. In my opinion (and that comes from my experience!) the more you tap into your own natural rhythm, the more compassion you can feel for yourself. If you have an idea of when your low points will occur, you can plan for these moments. And no, it won’t take them away completely but you can look at things like your diet to help manage the symptoms. This is why I am SUCH an advocate for tracking and journalling your cycle-it takes minutes each day and yet provides such insight.

Remember, every cycle is different and every new cycle allows you to start and feel the way you want to feel. It is cyclical and ever-changing. In that respect, nothing lasts forever.

So yes, Mama, you are worth it. Whether you are angsty or upset or crying. You are more worth it than you know.