Let’s Talk Lockdown and Habit Change

Uncategorized / Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Hey friend, how are you? What a wild ride 2020 was, eh? How are you doing? Really doing? I’ve been thinking a lot about boundaries and slowing down and how we were really gifted that opportunity in 2020, the opportunity to really get a glimpse at what that slower pace of life could offer us. For some, like myself, it opened up a new possibility of rest, of listening to my body, and of experiencing life in a whole new light. It allowed us to re-imagine what it is we truly desire and want to show up.

One thing I completely re-imagined was my health. I was tired of being tired. I was tired of being overweight and dependent on alcohol. I was too dependent on quick meals like pasta and sandwiches. I was determined to make a difference and I did. One small habit change and then another. Having accountability was a great motivator, too. And you know what? I fell off the wagon a few times but I got back up. Wanna know why? My reason why I wanted to do this had changed. It wasn’t because I wanted to be prettier or because I wanted to look nice in clothes (yes, they all factored in) but the main reason I wanted to change? I wanted to love me again. Or for the first time ever. I wanted to know that I was doing what I could for my body and my health.

And I get it, 2020 was hard. Like brutally hard for a lot of us. 2021 isn’t dealing us a super social hand at the moment, either. We all have different ways to cope but what if your way to cope actually helped you in the long term? Actually kept you around to see your kids grow up and their kids and their kids kids?

How very accomplished would you feel then? Let me hold you accountable. Let me hold your hand while you discover what your true purpose is and while you journey to a more improved you.