Just Be Kind

Uncategorized / Monday, February 17th, 2020

Did you know today was ‘Random Acts of Kindness Day’? I had no clue. I mean, shouldn’t we be kind EVERY day? In light of what happened to Caroline Flack, I feel the need to get on my soapbox a bit.

I have ALWAYS said if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all. I mean, come on people-we live in such an aware world now, do we still have to beat others up for our pain? And I know, we all process trauma differently and we need an outlet but please, can’t we just make it more accessible for those of us suffering to find the right help and support? To STOP THE STIGMA around trauma and mental health???

How is it that we are still pushing people’s feelings aside? How is that we can’t find it in our hearts to just be a bit more caring? I just don’t understand.

So, on this Random Acts of Kindness day, remember that in a world where you can be anything, be kind. Every single day.