It’s Been Awhile

Uncategorized / Thursday, November 22nd, 2018

Hello Mama, I am so glad you made your way here. How are ya?
First, a little bit about me. I am a Louisiana girl who made her way to the UK by way of Africa and Japan. My whole life was built on stories of Africa and knowing I wasn’t meant to stay still and the notion that I was placed on this Earth to make a difference. By the time I was 13, I knew I was going to save the world, I just didn’t have any clue how I was going to do that yet.
Fast forward a few years and I am 15, stepping off an airplane onto a hot tarmac in Accra, Ghana. My soul breathed for the first time. Have you ever had that happen? If you have, you know what a miraculous experience that is. If not, you are in for a treat when it happens. Why am I painting this story for you, dear reader? I promise, I have a point, just hang in there a little bit longer. I left the US at 15 a pretty typical American teenager, I’d say. Spoiled, entitled, a brat. I left Africa what I’d like to say, slightly more enlightened. My world had changed. My eyes had opened. I knew how I was going to save the world.
Close your eyes and wrinkle your nose and we are finally at University. Louisiana State, to be exact. I am about to discover my love of teaching. Now I come from a LONG line of teachers and I was always pretty adamant that I’d never be one. I was going to save the world right? And then I needed some extra cash and a friend of mine introduced me to Conversational English teaching. Remember that girl stepping off that plane in Ghana? The one where her soul breathed for the first time? For the second time in my life, my soul breathed.
Fast forward quite a few years. Moving to the UK was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Crazy, right? I mean, here was the girl who had lived in Africa twice, worked in Japan for 3 years-all places where English was a minority in spoken language and moving to England, that should have been easy right? Wrong. I had to figure out how I fit in, what was my purpose, my path.
Once I had my daughter, I lost that version of myself. Well, I had lost that version of myself three years before when I moved to the UK. I was REALLY confused now. Who was I? My kid cried all the time, breastfeeding was awful, my baby threw up constantly and we had to take so many foods out of my diet due to intolerance. Professionally, I had no purpose anymore-I didn’t meet the UK requirements to become a qualified teacher so that dream was gone. I was feeling pretty shit as a Mama and as a teacher. I loved yoga so trained as a yoga teacher and then was introduced to doTERRA Essential Oils and the community that came along with it, the Co-Impact Sourcing, and the charity that actually gives back like they say they will. Not only did they help support my tiny toddler with her reflux and intolerance, but they also helped soothe my heart and open up a world of like-minded Mamas. My soul took a deep breath in.
Along with doTERRA came the deep desire to help Mamas like myself who had lost their way, to help Mamas find that spark again, that vibrancy that perhaps they had lost or had dulled since having kids. I  help Mamas heal as I have healed, I help them find themselves again. I embarked on my Lifestyle Coaching Certification and now get to do just that. I show Mamas that they don’t have to be a circus juggler. I show them that they can have that life that they truly dream of, where time isn’t constantly running out; a life where she isn’t always tired and shouty. I show her how to put herself first and how that is as important as feeding her kids.
My program, Vibrant: a 12 Week Journey Back to You, includes essential oil education and yoga to help Mamas find vibrancy in their lives again and to really take a stand for the Self-Care that they deserve, to find the time to devote to it and not feel guilty.
That little girl that wanted to save the world? She’s getting to do that one Mama at a time, giving back to the community and helping to raise awareness in Mamas letting them know that their cup needs to be full to be the most vibrant sparkly version of themselves. My soul breathes.