Intro to Yoga-What to Expect

Uncategorized, yoga / Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Right, so you’ve decided to try yoga. Brilliant! Now what the heck can you expect? Loads of airy fairies in leotards with their legs behind their heads? Lots of women with body hair and body odor? Fabulously fit individuals clad in Lycra and the latest stretchy concoction? In some classes, yes. In my classes, not likely. You’ve decided to give yoga a try and that is half the battle.

My Intro to Yoga class is designed specifically for individuals who have never tried yoga before and is women’s only. You can expect to get a right good stretching and leave with some tips and tricks to keep calm and practice yoga all day long.

Due to the class being made up of all beginners, there is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or put off or nervous or scared. It doesn’t matter that you can’t touch your toes-you are the best type of students to have because you will already have more body awareness than a very bendy person.

The course will focus on Pranayama or breathing techniques that you can use throughout the day. On a frustrating business call? Kids acting up again because they are bored? Husband/partner asking you the same question for the fifth time? Practice your Pranayama! It is guaranteed to help calm you down and clear your head. We look at the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga. All of the Asanas or positions will be broken down and you will build on what you’ve learned each week. You will also be given some exercise sheets to build strength and to encourage and cultivate a home practice.

Don’t worry if you don’t have oodles of time to practice, that you have a child who won’t nap or that you’ve got spaghetti in your hair-Yoga is life-you take it one step at a time, roll with the punches. Some days, the only yoga I have done is being present and being here and being still. And some days that is just enough.

If you’d like to give my Intro to Yoga a go, please get in touch via my contact page here or email me