How to Make YOUR Morning the BEST Morning

Uncategorized / Friday, February 9th, 2018

Are you an early bird? Always up at the crack of dawn with a big smile on your face? Yeah, I didn’t think so, either. Want to kick start your day to ensure that you have THE best possible day you can have? Read on to check out my tips on how I do this very thing.

  1. Wake up smiling-come on, crack a smile right now. How does it feel? Pretty freaking awesome right? Imagine if you do that INTENTIONALLY every single morning upon waking. Yup, sets you up for the day. Challenge-any time you feel super negative, angry, frustrated, smile. See if that helps to diffuse the situation and make you a little happier.
  2. Gratitude-I bang ON about this ALL of the time. Just say your gratitudes-be freaking grateful, people. What you put out there, it comes back around. Challenge yourself to do this before you get out of bed and before you go to sleep-5 things you are thankful for. Pretty sure you can do that. Maybe, if you are feeling generous, share it with your partner. How sexy is that? To hear what your partner is grateful for every single day?
  3. Work your brain-maybe you want to read 10 minutes in the morning, maybe you want to meditate or do a word search. USE YOUR BRAIN. End of. Find something that challenges you or stretches you and do that. We are all individuals, you can find something that works for you.
  4. Move that Bod-Whether it is a run, a spin class, or just gentle stretches in bed before you jump out, just get the body moving. Massage your arms and legs to get the fascia moving, encourage the body to wake up slowly, gently. Or hard and fast-whatever, just MOVE. Check back next week for my Gentle Stretches video!
  5. Envision the Day-Yea, just envision what you want your day to look like. Pretty sure you can make that awesome, right? Who wants to envision a shitty day? I don’t think I know many of those 🙂 Leave a synopsis of your perfect (or not so perfect) day! I’d love to hear what you envision…