Good Mood Every Morning?! Yes, Please!

Uncategorized / Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

What do you feel like on a morning when you roll out of bed? Awake, alive, chipper?!? I wish! If you are ANYTHING like me (a mama, a wife, a yoga teacher burning the candle at both ends), I bet you feel anything BUT awake, alive, and chipper. Half asleep, dead, and stumbling round for my first cup of coffee is more like it. (Yes, I am a yoga teacher AND I drink coffee. I am human and from Louisiana, after all)

I was trolling Elephant Journal (fab website!) the other day and came across this article. I think I may take some of the tips and implement them to just see how helpful they are.

Apparently, I should wake up by 6 am. As in, that should be a lie in. Ayurveda teaches us that waking up by this time imbues us with vast amounts of Vata Energy. This allows us to feel fresh and alert all day. Rising after 6 allows the Kapha Energy to take over and we can become dull and lifeless. We definitely don’t want that, now do we? Give waking up early a go-recite this poem while you’re at it.

Early to bed, early to rise and all that jazz. Up by 6am, go to bed by 10 pm. This allows your body to adjust to the natural ebbs and flows of nature. If you stay up past this time, fiery Pitta makes an appearance and may result in a second wind, upsetting any sleep you may have had. Good thing I already do the whole 10pm bedtime already.

This next one just doesn’t work for me. Not in the cold, damp, dark nights of winter. Not sure I can sleep with my curtains open. And the fact that there most certainly ain’t no sun peaking through my curtains at the lovely time of 6am means this won’t be happening. Yes, it is nice to naturally awaken to lovely, soft, golden sunlight streaming in. We seem to have extremes in England. No light at all or all guns, er, sun blazing.

Change your alarm tone. Better yet, don’t use your mobile as your alarm. Crazy talk, I know. Choose a nice and soothing sound, not the harsh BEEP-BEEP-BEEP. Nothing about that says good morning. And, since we aren’t using our mobiles to awaken us from slumber, leave that ghastly thing out of sight until you’ve taken care of YOU. Nothing says negative than reading a bad email or news story soon after you’ve woken up.

Start off, instead, with a bit of morning purification. Get rid of all of the toxins that have accumulated in the body after a nights sleep. Go to the loo, brush your teeth, scrap your tongue, massage the body with oil, and shower. You will then be awake enough to start on that morning ritual. Do some yoga, meditate, read a few pages of your new book.

Let’s be honest. If you are a night owl, you won’t suddenly turn into an early morning lover. Start slow. Be patient. Allow yourself time to grow and embrace the new changes. Be kind, be observant. Enjoy the slow.


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