Goal Setting

goals, yoga / Friday, May 31st, 2013

How many times have you set a goal or intention and fallen this close to achieving it? Goal coach, Jacki Carr, gave some great tips to help everyone, not just yogis, to accomplish their goals.

Breathe. Flow. Goals.

Create a space
Find a place that inspires you; it could be your yoga mat, the beach crashing into waves, perched on a mountain top, or your favorite spot on a hike. Once you are in this space, give yourself time, space, and love to feel and envision all of the possibilities and what your future can hold, what your most ideal life would be. Be patient. Know that this is for you and it will come.

Write it Down

Set goals and inspirations that move you towards your big, wonderful vision you had. Always, always, always write them down and use the present tense, making sure to have a clear end date. You will own your goals this way and have accountability as to when you will achieve them, providing focus and flexibility. An example of this: I am a certified 200-hour yoga instructor by April, 2015.

Feel it

Like intentions, bring your goals with you, to your yoga mat, on your hike, on your swim. See how they feel in your body, let them move into your being, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Your body ALWAYS knows what feels good and right and when. Listen.

Let go

Forget how things should look. Be open to the path your life will take you and what doors open or listen to whatever conversation transpires that get you that much closer to reaching your goals.

Accountability for the win

Support from loved ones and friends that believe in you is SO important. ASK for it. Goal partners keep you connected to your goals and committed to the journey to get there. Together.