FOMO. It IS Real, Y’all.

Uncategorized / Wednesday, June 14th, 2017

Oh my gosh. It is that time of year where everyone is posting those amazing holiday photos. You know the ones, the crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, fruity drinks in pineapple cups. Or maybe all of your friends seem to be getting engaged with huge sparkly rings and you can’t seem to keep a plant alive, much less a relationship. And I am not saying you can’t be over the moon happy for these people and not feel a bit of jealousy, it is normal. What ISN’T normal is wanting to live in their worlds, live their lives. Here are a few tips on how to get over these FOMO slumps:

  1. Gratitude EVERY Day. Not just when you get something nice or something good happens. Notice the little things, the things that we gloss over as constants. Your hot shower in the morning, the smell of your coffee brewing, the breeze on your skin. Whatever. Find and relish the everyday things. Write them down and then go back over them-you never know when one entry or thought will make you chuckle and remember something you’d forgotten.
  2. Connect with People and NOT behind a screen-see them, laugh with them, even if it is 5 minutes. Not every one of your friends is in your daily circle. Take the time to call them (like actually SPEAK to them on the phone) and pin down a date to grab a quick coffee or wine.
  3. Help Someone. Being of service and giving back is CRUCIAL to getting rid of jealousy and FOMO. By serving someone who has less or are in a time of need, how can you not realise all YOU have?
  4. Get Creative-you don’t have to just work work work. Do something that YOU like that gets your right brain working. Go paint some pottery or style a new flower arrangement. Whatever YOU have to do to feel artsy and creative. How can you not help but smile at that?

The point is-get out of your own head. Go out, enjoy yourself. See the little things, connect with REAL people, and laugh. Breathe deeply, sigh it out. Live life. Don’t live life via everyone else.