Decisions and Visions

aspirations, Bliss, goals, gratitude, happiness, kindness, Uncategorized / Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

I am at a turning point, at odds with myself of what it is I TRULY want.  And, of course, I stumbled upon a very apt, albeit old, email from the great Danielle LaPorte-by George, I WILL finish the Desire Map! The email was insightful and has given me a lot of food for thought…Good thing I have a pretty long train journey coming up, I can contemplate.

First, you need to envision it. You need to hold it, see it, in your mind, in your body, and especially, in your heart. You need to see yourself as the entrepreneur, the yoga teacher, the life coach, whatever it is you are at a crossroads with. Can you see yourself rocking a business, full of life and bliss? Holding space with a group of gorgeous souls, leading them through a powerful Flow class? Or perhaps yours is a quieter vision, sitting with a soul sister, mapping out her path. Whatever your vision, can you SEE it?

Secondly, you need to ask yourself. Be completely and utterly honest with your answers. This may be scary, hell, it scares me. BUT it needs to be done. How does this image feel in your body? Is it warm, exciting, thrilling, or is it heavy, foreboding, constricting? How would I feel about telling people about my new path? Excited? Embarassed? And, probably the most important question of all. Can I create the space and devote the energy in my life right now to this vision? To breathe life into it and make it as spectacular as you can. Would this make me feel the best that I can feel?

Sit with this, sit quietly. Listen to your heart, body, and soul. Keep at this until it is all crystal clear in your mind. Then decide. Jump in, feet first, or wade with your toes in the water. Whatever you do, make sure it lights you up and you wake up and go to bed grateful.

In the words of the ever insightful Danielle, ‘You’ll know — and it will feel tingly and pretty damn awesome. Follow your heart. It always leads to the gold.’

I want to feel all tingly and pretty damn awesome. I think I need to start sitting quietly (oh the struggle!) and listen to my heart. To stop being so damn scared of listening to my heart. I vow to be kind to myself, something we all could do more of. I will be kind and allow my heart to speak to me in it’s own time.