Cheap and Easy Ways to Set Up Your Home Practice Space

Uncategorized / Monday, April 14th, 2014



How To Create an At-Home Yoga Space

Following on from last week’s post on creating a home practice, I thought I’d give some ideas on how to create that ever elusive yoga space. You don’t need an extra room or need a ton of cash to splash out on the space. You just need to be able to define an area you’ve set aside for yoga. Below are a few tips to help you do just that!

1. Keep your mat out and center it your space. If this isn’t practical, roll it up and place it, in sight, near your designated area.

2. Mix your own yoga mat spray. Mix together a combination of lavender, tea tree, and sweet orange essential oils for a calming yet cleansing spray.

3. If you’re a music-while-you-flow fan, make a playlist for each practice occasion from meditative to energetic. I tend to use Spotify for my inspiration! At such a low, monthly cost, you can have music wherever you are.

4. Grab a beautiful journal to keep close to your space. Use it as an opportunity to reflect, write down your sequence, and remind yourself of your intentions and dedications, mantras and favourite poems.

5. Create an inspiration area where you can arrange photos, quotes, and other objects that center your attention and intention. Create a puja  by gathering a few sacred and meaningful items from people with whom you connect or who mean something to you and arrange them attentively.

6. Collect your favorite books on meditation and yoga and keep a few near your practice area. Some days you may be called to have a more mental practice. When this happens, grab a book or let a passage inform your physical movements.

7. Evoke the power of aromatherapy and scent by bringing a lighted scented candle, a diffuser filled with essential oils into your practice space, or burn your favourite stick of incense.

8. Place a house plant or potted flower near your yoga mat for air purification.

Which of these enhancements can you incorporate to your space now? If you don’t have a practice space yet, begin to discover which part of your house would work and start a list to customize your space to your needs and desires.

What component to your at-home yoga space allows you to dive deeper into your self-practice? What allows you to really connect with your space and your practice?