Bliss, essential oils / Monday, September 26th, 2016

This girl, oh my goodness. What an absolute goddess! Ariadne is next up in my #BlissChasers sari-5eries-and what a delight it was to interview her! She is a fellow yoga teacher and essential oil junkie, as well as a Life Coach and all around beautiful soul. Have a read below about what rocks her socks and what she has planned in the future! (hint, hint, you’ll be seeing more of her on here, I hope!)

What rocks your bliss?
Hmm let’s see. So many things and the interesting thing is they change, which I love, cause I often get bored of routine. At the moment, what’s rocking my bliss is my man and I home brewing and tasting amazing coffees by different roasters in the UK and Europe. It’s amazing how disconnected I was from the flavour and process of coffee making when I used to press a button and get espresso. What else? Starting the day with dabbing a few drops of my favourite essential oils on my wrists and neck and setting an intention for my day. It gets me in a wonderful mood to do this. I’m currently loving the change in season and tracking my mood as things shift. I’m learning to be more mindful of nature and weather changes which can be more challenging to do in the UK when we don’t really have 4 distinct seasons, so I’m embracing this more.

 How did you discover your vision?
To be honest, I feel like I’m constantly discovering and refining my vision. Vision is a huge word which I was not comfortable with for a long time, until I realised it was because I had none… I was following a path which made rational sense, but it was not mine. We are not taught to pick up on internal cues, we don’t know that we have an internal GPS which if we learn how to listen to, it can guide us to what we need. Yoga was my way in. I started listening more and reconnected to my body and through that I discovered I have (we all do) so much untapped inner wisdom. And then from there it was easy mostly; simply following what made me feel good, what excited me and what created butterflies in my stomach. The vision shaped itself when I let go of the need to know exactly what my next step will be.

When do you feel most creative and alive?
I feel my most alive one week after my period, when I have loads of energy and excitement to go out and create stuff. I have ideas flowing about it my head and the drive to make things happen. It also have a lot of motivation and body strength so I tend to practice stronger yoga sequences which in turn helps me to release the ego and inner struggle and trust in myself to offer value to the world. Meditation is really the glue that keeps it all together – when that’s a regular part of my life, I have the most clarity and commitment to live life in my most honest way.

Share an epic goal you are rocking.
That’s so interesting to think about. This month I’m celebrating 1 year since leaving my job in the NHS and my past life as an employee. It’s been a little less than a year as I went away for a while after my job ended, since I started working full time for myself and I’m celebrating the fact that I’ve made it this far doing what I love. It’s a challenge to navigate the world of a self employed life coach and yoga teacher. The ups and downs are like something I’ve never experienced before and it’s a personal development journey to see how you manage to come out the other side. I’m excited to see how my business and I evolve in the next 12 months.

If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?
Ha, what an awesome question! I would start with Switzerland and New York to visit two of my best friends that I have not seen for a very long time. Then, I think I would pick New Zealand as my first choice. I’m craving nature, space and excellent coffee.

How do you handle setbacks?
I let myself feel the emotions. I get upset, sad, angry, frustrated and whatever else needs to arise. I make space for the response because whether I like it or not, I know I need to feel what I feel, rather than fight against it. Then I pause. I allow time for the dust to settle and for me to make sense of what’s happened. Although I often have an urge to hide away and throw in the towel, I know this is my bruised ego wanting to lick its wounds. So I seek support of those I trust and I allow myself not to respond until I have had time to really assess the situation.
Then I tie my hair up in a knot and deal with it.

What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?
At the moment I’m working with letting go of guilt and honouring how I feel. So when I need to say no to things like social events, work or other stuff that just isn’t right for me, I work on speaking the truth and not feeling guilty about letting people down. I get flowers for myself – just because. And I watch my inner talk. It can be nasty, so I am learning to provide comfort to the fearful part of me while speaking to myself with compassion.

What is your favorite mantra/meditation/word?
“I trust my light.”
Simple and to the point.

Ariadne Kapsali is a Soulful Life Coach, Yoga Teacher and Mental Health Professional. She is passionate about empowering people to become full versions of themselves and learn to trust their intuition to overcome anxiety, stress and fearful living and move towards personal growth. With a background in Psychology, Ariadne combines mindfulness practice, life coaching tools and her yoga training to create a heart-centered and holistic space that harmonises healing from all angles.

She is also the creator of My Inner Bliss Meditations, a soulful collection of guided meditations designed to help you cultivate stillness and inner calm. Ariadne is currently based in London and works with people in person and online.