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Meet Anna, our first #PYBlissChaser! I will be interviewing people over the next few months that are BlissChasers, who live life as authentically as they can, following their bliss.

I’m originally from Sweden but moved to London first time on a gap year on my studies and feel in love with this vibrant city. I then went back to Sweden and finished my studies in computer science. My dream was always to come back to London and so I did after I finished my studies in Sweden. I then started working in a corporate IT role as a consultant and I instantly felt misplaced. My colleagues used to look at me weird and laughed when I brought my yoga mat to work trips. How sad!

Now when I look at this experience I believe universe wanted me to experience this unpleasant work experience to make me understand I was not supposed to do this. Universe had other plans for me. I’m so happy and thankful I got this experience and exposure to this horrible negative energy because it really pushed me and made me realize how important it is to follow your dream and don’t waste time if your unhappy somewhere. Not to forget to surround yourself with people who support you and lift you up rather than down. My learnings motivated to start Ghongha. I wanted to wake up happy everyday and feel like I had passion for my work life as well, I wanted to make a difference.

Life is short, take risks and do what makes you truly happy. It might not be exactly like you thought it would turn out in the end but you will learn and universe always wants the best for you and will lead you on the right path if you trust the guidance. I’m really thankful to wake up every morning and work with something I have so much passion for. It makes me proud and thankful to motivate others to work together for a more sustainable and beautiful planet.

1. What rocks your bliss?
Being creative, learning new things and being with the people I love.

2. How did you come up with the concept for Ghongha?
I have always been drinking a lot of water and I always used to have a plastic bottle with me that I used for a few days until it started to become a bit foggy inside then I bought a new one. I realized that this can not be really good for me, the environment or my wallet as I bought a new one every other day. I started to read about plastic pollution and the effect BPA (often used in plastic bottles) has on us and our environment. What I learned horrified me! I really wanted to find something I could use instead of the plastic bottle I was using. I needed something that was not harmful for me or the environment that I could use on a longterm. I wanted something in environmentally friendly glass material. I also think everything taste much better drinking from glass then plastic. I also wanted to see the content of what was in the bottle. I couldn’t find a design that had all the attributes I needed in a water bottle. I created the Ghongha bottle as I desperately needed it for myself and I was sure I would inspire others to stop using the plastic bottles. The name Ghongha comes from the hindi word “Snail” which is my nickname in Swedish, Snigel.

3. When do you feel most creative and alive?
When I take care of my mind and my body. That includes getting enough sleep, meditating, eating nutritional food and practicing yoga or walking in the nature.

4. Share an epic goal you are rocking.
One of my goals that I’m currently working on is to find a the best outlet/way/organisation for Ghongha to give back to countries in poverty that suffer from poor water supplies. I drink so much water every day and I know how essential it is for me to feel good and I believe everyone should have the right to have enough drinking water. Ghongha’s mission is to empower as many people as possible to care for the environment, hydrate often and live happily.

5. If you could get on a plane right now, where are you going?
South Africa, what I have heard & seen it’s amazing and I would love to experience the wildlife and nature there.

6. How do you handle setbacks?
Of course setbacks can effect you in a negative way but I try my best to think that universe will always give us challenges and that we will learn from them. A setback can also bring something even greater in the end.

7. What are 3 ways you rock the self LOVE?
For me to rock the self love it’s very important to be thankful and happy for what we have and how amazing creatures we are. I try not to compare my self with others and I also do my best to take care of my inside and outside. If I feel good on all levels and I’m rocking the self love universe always works in my favor. What has helped me develop my self love is to try to think of yourself as your best friend. You wouldn’t say mean things about your best friend about them or compare them to others. You love them for who they are and you accept them for their unique characteristics. Bee your own best friend <3

8. What is your vision for Ghongha?
My vision is to create more awareness about damages plastic do on us and the environment. I hope to inspire people to choose more sustainable ways of drinking water.

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