2020 Visions and Dreams

Uncategorized / Monday, January 6th, 2020
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Well, here we go again. Another day, a new year/decade, and we have EVERYONE running to the hills with all they’ve accomplished and all they are going to accomplish. And it has been inspiring, to say the least. Have you sat back and thought about what YOU’VE accomplished and achieved and how YOU’VE changed over the past 10 years? Can you even remember 2009-2010?? Marie Forleo sent out an excellent email with the following questions (I’ve linked it!). Have a read through them if you are interested but below are some of my musings…

  • Over the past 10 years, what have you done that you’re proud of? 
    • I journeyed to the UK to settle
    • I survived marriage haha
    • I became a dual citizen AND a mama
    • I owned a successful yoga studio
    • I found my purpose
  • What are the obstacles you’ve overcome? 
    • I struggled with anxiety for the first time quite badly
    • I overcame some health issues
    • I learned to like the place I had settled (I doubt I’ll ever love it but it isn’t too bad)
    • Losing my sense of purpose

What Was Most Important & Why

Most important? Most likely surviving marriage and motherhood and finding my groove, finding my purpose again after moving here and losing all sense of myself. That journey helped me to find myself again and find my true calling and career.

(I’m skipping a few steps here as I can’t imagine you’d want to read it ALL. And it is LONG!)

What’s Next? What’s My Future?

What do you want to create, experience, or achieve over the next 10 years? What do you want to feel or accomplish in terms of your health, wellbeing, career, love life, etc…(I am only doing this in 1-year stretches!) Let’s get super specific here and envision THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME, yeah?

And I am only sharing my personal stuff-there is SO much I want to accomplish business wise (making period education and knowledge STANDARD and NOT TABOO is a big one), helping women understand their own unique superpower and ability to tap into their own energy resource, to listen to their bodies intuitively and to know when something isn’t right. Personal life? My most important goals are:

  • To raise a happy, healthy kid that has kindness as her first thought and knows that emotions are ok and not to be feared
  • To have a happy and healthy relationship with J-showing Q that her Mama and Daddy are happy and know how to communicate is a huge task over the course of our relationship.
  • To be more and more me. To choose bravery at showing who I am and what I believe in and stand for and not be the ‘me’ that fits in the moment.
  • To be healthier, drink less, and eat less meat. I am really passionate about reducing our waste and helping Q to really make a difference in our environment. Every action helps, however small you think it may be.
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Section 5: What Future You Wants You To Know 

This is the fun bit where you get to write a gorgeous letter to yourself, outlining your year and how amazingly well it went. Even BETTER than you could have imagined! And how freaking inspirational is that?! I mean, how better to begin a new year than by reading about all the amazing things you did the year you are leaving behind?