New Year’s Resolutions? How About New Year’s Feels?

Bliss, goals, gratitude, happiness, inspiration, kindness, love, mamma, me time, new year's resolution, new years eve, Sankalpa / Friday, December 29th, 2017

Gosh, how the hell has it gotten to the end of 2017. It does just feel like I was at this computer (well, not this one, this one is brand spanking new, baby!) writing out my New Year’s Resolutions or Intentions for this year-not that I remember what ANY of those were. Let me tell you, that is NOT how I want to think for 2018.

I think we had such an amazing hope for 2017. 2016 left a lot of us spinning, feeling unsettled, sad, disillusioned. 2017 was the year of hope, excitement, running towards everything that we saw with joy, our touch turning all we saw into gold. And maybe that was 2017 for you. And maybe it wasn’t. I went on quite a journey last year, this year. Boy, was it a bumpy ride but what a fucking magical ride it was. I learned a lot about myself and what I can withstand and I’ve seen what magic I can create. I’ve discovered that I want to make a difference in people’s lives and how I can best do that. I’ve stopped pretending and truly stepped into who I am. I read tarot cards and drink coffee, I read my horoscope avidly and tap into the energy I can feel around me. Everyone can do that-it’s just that we’ve become so desensitised to how the energy around us is moving that only ‘special’ people can sense it. I think that’s bollocks, but whatever.

And this rediscovery led me to a new way of thinking for 2018. (Not TOTALLY new, just new for me). A new way of thinking that I highly suggest YOU practice, too. Think about how you want to FEEL. How do you want each and every day feel, each and every activity you do feel while doing it, feel once completed? Sit with that for a moment and let me know-I really want to.

I’ll leave you with my 5. Trust. I want to continue to trust my decisions and know that I am on the right path. Flow, I really want my life to Flow with Ease, because why the hell not? Who DOESN’T want to feel Ease and Flow in their daily lives and activities?! Joy. I love laughing and I love making people laugh, I love teaching, and I am blessed that that is my job-it brings me so much Joy. Nourish-this is a big word for me. I am finally going to pay attention to what NOURISHES my body as opposed to keeping it not feeling it’s best. Each and every single day I will ask myself how I am feeling. I will do the same before each and every activity I undertake. That is how I want to live my 2018. How do you want to live yours?