Indulging IS Fine

Uncategorized / Monday, January 27th, 2020
Photo by Hannah Pemberton on Unsplash

That cake looks scrumptious, right? Would you eat it? Or would you refrain? OR, the most common story is that you eat it and you beat yourself up before, during, AND after the event. Which one are you?

This past weekend was Q’s birthday. And I let myself indulge. I had a takeaway on Friday date night, I had pizza and a beer on Saturday, AND we went out to lunch yesterday. I also had pancakes AND beer on Sunday, too. And I felt zero guilt. Do you find that crazy? Inspirational? I call it normal and a way of life we need to get back to.

There are a few reasons why I allow myself this freedom (and I hate to even call it that because it shouldn’t be a freedom-it should be how we live but society tells us differently). Below are a few reasons why I think it is ok to overindulge on indulgences every so often.

  • I’m not perfect. By pretending to be and eating a strictly vegan/GF/dairy-free/macro and micronutrient diet, I am setting myself up for massive failure. It also leads us down a path to unhealthy eating, stress and anxiety. Who wants to live that way? And yes, we aren’t perfect and that is fine.
  • If the food is good, you WANT to overeat. Come on, have you ever had some amazing pasta and you just want the bowl to keep refilling? Mmhmm, me too. That is OK! And also, noting that if you constantly indulge, you start to view that as normal and can take the joy out of eating. Indulging and over-eating is special and not a way of life (we just have to stop beating ourselves up when we do it!)
  • Intuition goes right out of the window when you overeat and indulge all of the time. If you are constantly ignoring your body’s cues on hunger and fullness, you stop understanding what your body truly needs.
  • And just HAVE FUN. You aren’t perfect, no one is. And would you want to be? Just because you had fried chicken from Popeye’s twice in one week doesn’t make you the devil and you’ll still wake up every day. Just don’t make it a habit and enjoy it when you do.

I have been on a long journey with my body and my cravings and I am still journeying. I know I am not perfect and I know I have work to do. However, I know when enough is enough and I know when I need to reign it in and when my body needs a salad. Can you say that about yourself? And if you can’t, can you start to give yourself a little more grace? You won’t regret it.