Hobbies! How to ACTUALLY Make Time…

Uncategorized / Friday, December 15th, 2017

Hobbies, do you have one? How do you fit it in? Last week, we talked about Burn Out and how it is way more common than we’d like to admit. Particularly during busy times like Christmas! I gave you some ways to combat it-have you tried any? Do you want to start a new hobby but you’re stuck as to how you’ll fit it in with work, the school run, the hobby runs for the kids, your partner, etc? Below are just a few ways to get in YOUR time before you have to give it to everyone else.

Wake Up Early
Yup, you read that right-what time do the kids normally wake up? If you can manage to wake up even 30 minutes before them, you can start to fill your OWN cup before you need to fill theirs. You can take that time to have a luxurious shower or make a morning ritual out of making your cup of coffee or tea. You can go for a run or nip to a spin class-you can do a yoga session.

Skip Lunch
Ha! Had you worried, didn’t I? Most people eat lunch at their desks anyway so why don’t you take that time to go out for a walk in nature or hit up a yoga class in your building (If you don’t have corporate yoga, look to getting someone in!) If you have showers (and even if you don’t! haha!) go for a run or a quick cycle. That is YOUR time to do with whatever you like and a sneaky way of getting your endorphine fix in, too!

Schedule It
We ALL live by our calendars, don’t we? So schedule in your workout or your yoga class. Make sure the kids are taken care of (calling on your parnter/grandparents/other parents is a great way to make this happen) and block out that same time every single week-it becomes habit then, right? You know it is coming and you look forward to it.

Schedule a workout session or a yoga class or a walk with a friend! You are a lot less likely to back out if you have someone else committed to going with you. You feel obligated to not let that person down, right? I know I do! It is what gets me up for those 6am yoga sessions!

And, above all else, ENJOY IT! It should be something you feel great about doing before, during (ok, maybe not during so much), and after (DEFINITELY after!) Let me know how you get your hobby in, I’d love to hear your innovative ways and ideas!