Healthy Habits Program

Up-level your daily habits in just 21 days and discover a lifestyle renovation!

Join me and other doTERRA Leaders as we help you to explore a 21 daily habit reset! You will choose your top 3 habits that you’d like to up-level and we will help you get there!

This 21-day lifestyle renovation will guide you through:

✔️ Anchoring the lifestyle that creates glowing health
✔️ Doing a ritual reset and integrating habits that are from your higher self
✔️ Releasing weight + habits that are no longer serving you
✔️ Turning the taps on for optimal health to flow!

instant + lifetime access to the program

You can plug into the content at any time and then plan to
join us for the guided version every June!

The path to optimal health is not as complicated as it seems, and we are going to help you trust your body in doing what it knows to do. 

If you want to skip right to joining us, click the button below. You can purchase the Healthy Habits kit and gain lifetime access to this program!

​Otherwise, keep going to find out more!​​​


✔️ Terrazyme: this powerful blend of 10 active whole-food enzymes helps your food digest, absorb + eliminate properly. Have you watched the Terrazyme oatmeal experiment yet?

✔️ Deep Blue Rub: Want to experience a spa massage whenever you feel like it? Work this baby into your traps or any sore areas and voila! It’s like magic – you won’t know what you did without it. Here a great video on Deep Blue .

✔️ PB Assist Probiotic: Want to get your guts + skin working together better? Seal up the gut, plant the right soil and everything starts working better! This probiotic is unique as a double layer capsule of pre-biotic fibre + 6 strains of probiotics to deliver 6 billion CFUs.

✔️ 5ml Balance Blend: dab onto pulse points + breathe in to feel instant relaxation
✔️ 5ml Lemon: the cleansing powerhouse! Add to drinking water, make cleaners, remove stains, purify the air
✔️ 5ml Frankincense: promote healthy cell growth internally + glowing skin by making a skin oil
✔️ 5ml Lavender: The calming queen! Use for all things skin topically and aromatically to sleep better + relax
✔️ 5ml On Guard: The immune system supporter: diffuse to clean the air, use it to clean with and take internally

All of the 5ml bottles have approx 85 drops each.

Wellness isn’t hard-it is a result of our lifestyle + daily routine.

​and we naturally achieve optimal health by introducing incremental daily habits that support that.

The Healthy Habits Kit is a foundational kit for anyone that is interested in anchoring the daily routine that turns on all body systems to flow as they are designed to do! I mean, who wouldn’t be super stoked to have a body that flows like it is designed to?!

We are SO excited to bring you this program!

You can do this program again whenever you want because of how we designed it in the Facebook group! The areas that we are so excited to focus on are:

✔️ Exercise + Nutrition
✔️ Reducing Toxins
✔️ Self Care + Emotions
✔️ Sleep

Ready to Join?!

Step 1) Purchase your kit! Follow that link if you are not a member already Click on Join and Save-you are a WHOLESALE CUSTOMER and then follow the instructions! If you are a member, just order the kit via your back office-ANY questions on either process, let me know!

Step 2) Join the Facebook Group-all the magic happens here!

Step 3) Mark These Dates Down: TBA

Other items to consider:

The program has been designed to help you anchor a routine that will create the next level of health for you, using the products in the Healthy Habits Kit. This is ALL you need to access this program

However, throughout the program we also make recommendations of other powerful products + oils to have to support the various areas of your lifestyle such as deeper sleep, more natural self-care + stress management … the full lifestyle renovation

We are so grateful to have you join us and become a part of this community! We are empowering ourselves and others by choosing this lifestyle renovation!