Friends (not)-A 2019 Takeaway

goals, inspiration, kindness, Uncategorized / Monday, January 6th, 2020
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Something I wrote a few months ago while I was going through a period of silence. Friendship and having this desperate desire for EVERYONE to like me has always been present in my life. And while I do still want friends and people to like me(I mean, who the hell doesn’t?), my whole existence is not hung up on the few who don’t feel the same. One of my biggest takeaways of 2019 was that. My happiness depends on me, not on someone who I think should be my friend. The Full Moon in Cancer has fully allowed me to shed this desire because it isn’t a healthy obsession. I’m totally ready for 2020…

You can spend your whole life looking for friendships and relationships that matter as much to them as they do to you.
You can spend your whole life agonising about what more you can do to get them to ‘truly’ like you.

And then you wake up, walk away, and while it fucking hurts, you know, deep down that they weren’t ‘true friends’ anyway.

Say goodbye, exhale a huge sigh, and go out and find people who give a shit about you, your worth, and creating magic together ❤

Life is about living, belly laughs, and adventure. And, let’s be honest. Those that matter will notice when you go quiet. Those that don’t have had their season.

Say goodbye with grace and thank them for their part in your journey.

So take the time to really feel into your relationships. The ones that feel a bit more one-sided. The ones that feel more like work and not easy. The ones that never pick up where you left off. And really consider what it is that they are doing for you-what value are you getting from them? What expectations do you have and are they being met? Take some time to contemplate in silence and then start letting them slowly disappear from your life…

Silence is good for me, I think.