Everyone Needs a Bit of Kindness in Their Life-Ways to Invite it Into Yours

aspirations, Bliss, goals, gratitude, happiness, inspiration, kindness, love / Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

TwoFriendsReconnectingHugging-850x400I’ve just tweeted this article.┬áDo you do any of these things? Would you like to try to see it it works? I am most certainly going to have a go at doing Number 1 more. I mean, come on, I AM Southern, for goodness sake. Writing thank you cards SHOULD be in my blood. After working in customer service (hello coffee shop barista!), being extra nice to others in the industry is a given. You have no idea what their day has been like, so don’t be a dick. Numbers 3, 4, and 7 are going to be hard, but I suppose nothing in life should be EASY all of the time, right? Man, number 7 in Harrogate traffic. I think Number 11’s suggestion of deep breaths may come in handy there!

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