Essential Oils

Ever want to go back to basics? To use natural products made from the earth without loads of chemicals in them? To know that whatever you put on your skin or your children’s skin is 100% safe? Yes? Me, too! I’m passionate about essential oils and the natural products you can make with them. I use them daily and run regular classes where I talk about the oils and provide samples. If you want to have a chat about them, hop over here to schedule some time with me!

What are essential oils?

Ever walked past a flower garden and was overcome by the heady aroma? Yes? Then you’ve totally experienced essential oils. Essential oils are the natural, aromatic compounds found in most plants. They’re tiny, organic molecules whose purpose is to keep the plant healthy and in tip top shape to attract pollinators.

They’re 50-70 times more powerful than dried herbs. (i.e. 1 drop of peppermint essential oil = 28 cups of peppermint tea).

Watch this short clip to learn a bit more about these little drops of awesomeness.

What can essential oils be used for?

Pretty much everything! Meaning I’ve replaced my toothpaste, laundry detergent, supplements, face products, hair care products….the list goes on.

What do I use on a daily basis? Here’s just a few:


Helps detox my body (add to water) + home (add to a spray bottle of water), plus the scent gives my mood a boost (especially in winter!)

Eases headaches, supports digestion, increases alertness, GREAT breath freshener-this one is on my bedside table.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree)
Fights skin inflammation, promotes healthy immunity. This one is mainly for the little one.

Focus Blend
The ‘Get Stuff Done’ blend. Enhances + sustains a sense of focus. My go to on Accounts day!


Lifelong Vitality
Supports the body in a variety of ways, including cellular health, heart + circulatory health, as well as healthy immune function. They are the FIRST supplement to make a noticeable difference in my health.

Supports healthy digestion + metabolism, promotes gastrointestinal comfort.

How do you use essential oils

There are three ways of using pure therapeutic grade essential oils:

Essential oils, when inhaled , can have a variety of responses in the body. Diffusing is one of the simplest ways to get the effects of essential oils-easy to do when you have a diffuser on you! Your hands are the easiest way to diffuse an oil-a few drops in the palms of your hand, with a carrier oil, rub together, and deeply inhale! Voila!

Essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin and many can be safely applied when used with a carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil or Almond Oil. Bottoms of the feet are an awesome place to pop your oil-it gets into the bloodstream super fast! You can also pop some into your bath (fave way to relax-lush!), or diluted onto the area of concern (tummy if it is upset or neck + shoulders for a headache or tension). Areas to avoid: Eyes, skin around the eyes, inner ears, and damaged skin.

Some of these essential oils have a rich culinary history and can be used as dietary supplements, supporting a variety of healthy conditions. Using pure, therapeutic oils internally can be done via water or popping the oils into a veggie capsule to swallow.

These oils are my go to in supporting myself + family in a healthy lifestyle.

How do I find and select the best essential oils?

The methods you want to focus on are purity, potency, and sourcing. This short video explains that + Why you should choose doTERRA.

How can I get my hands on these beauties? (Aka, Buy Essentials Oils)

Opening a wholesale account ensures you’re always getting the lowest pricing available (25% off retail price)-One low fee and you have access to this discount for an entire year!

Then there’s the Free Oils Program-buying monthly grants you free access to this program.

You’ll also receive a FREE 30 minute Wellness Consultation, FREE mentoring + coaching from me to help YOU along the way, access to our Online Community of 1000+ and growing + I like to throw other freebies and goodies your way, too.

If you already know which enrollment kit you desire, jump over here so I can get you started with everything you need.

Need help choosing your essential oils?

If you are looking for specific help, shoot me a message to connect. I’ll send over my scheduler + questionnaire and we can go from there!

Can I buy an essential oils kit or separately?

Yes! There are many kits to choose from but the Home Essentials kit tends to be my most popular. It comes with 10 bottles of the most-used oils (15ml!) + oil blends, PLUS a diffuser. This way means you get an even BIGGER discount than you would if you bought everything separately – PLUS you don’t have to pay the £20 enrollment fee.

If you’d rather buy individually, no problem! You’ll pay a £20 enrollment fee to gain access to wholesale pricing (25% off) for an entire year. Here’s the full product guide so you can see all of the products doTERRA offer-it isn’t just oils!

Pop over here so we can connect and I can answer any questions you may have (or help you create a BESPOKE kit if you’d like!) and help get you on your way.

Can I create an income with essential oils?

Yes! I would love to have a chat with you about the amazing opportunity that these oils provide.

I have never been a part of another company that prizes their employees to this degree; encouraging personal development, being the best version of yourself, AND being a part of a wider, worldwide community. The support and community that you will receive from our team + the doTERRA family will blow you away. Just watch this video on Co-Impact Sourcing and you’ll understand why doTERRA is special.

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