BurnOut-You Got It?

Uncategorized / Friday, December 8th, 2017

Exhaustion. Anxiety. Feeling like you are never getting it all done? Welcome to Burn Out. We’ve all been there. The important thing to remember is HOW to get out of it.

Self Care
What springs to mind when you hear self care? Bubble baths, massages, 45 hours of yoga? You know what self care REALLY is? Anything that bloody brings you joy. Yup, you heard me (or read me) correctly. Hate bubble baths (oh my goodness, get that crap OFF me), don’t have one. Like a bath every single night? HAVE ONE. Can’t stand a massage? Dude, DON’T HAVE ONE. Why would you partake in an activity that is like to cause you more anxiety, stress, ughhhh?!  Instead, why don’t you do something you actually like? Like singing at the top of your lungs to all the Spanish music you can find? Just me? Never mind, it makes me HAPPY. Especially if I throw in some pretty bad dancing! Savouring a cup of coffee or that first sip of wine? ROCK IT. ENJOY IT. THAT, my friend, is self care. Not what society conforms as self care. It is what YOU decide is YOUR self care.

Time Out
Start saying ‘No’. You know, that word that over achievers like us HATE to say. Sometimes, to take care of yourself, you have to say it. Start thinking it along the lines of what brings you joy-that shit that doesn’t? Say NO. People will not think any less of you, heck, they may even start to respect you a bit more for protecting yourself and your time. We can’t do everything (though believe you me, I try) and by the time you wake up and realise what everyone else figured out weeks ago, you are ragged and most likely ill. Save yourself the trouble and just say No.

Get a Hobby
Make time to do something that you like. You can even class this under self care. Do you like knitting? Gardening? Yoga? Volunteering? Or just sitting in a coffee shop, drinking coffee and reading a newspaper. ANYTHING you like can become a hobby though typically a hobby puts you into contact with others who like the same thing. But really, that conversation with you barista counts, right? You both like coffee and that cafe so why not?

So three ideas to help you avoid burn out. Three things you can put into action immediately. And why wouldn’t you? Doing something you enjoy all the time? Finding and indulging in something that brings you relaxation and joy? Saying no to the shit that doesn’t serve? Mate, get on it. Do it. The only thing standing in your way is you. So get out of your own way.