It’s Been Awhile


Hello Mama, I am so glad you made your way here. How are ya? First, a little bit about me. I am a Louisiana girl who made her way to the UK by way of Africa and Japan. My whole life was built on stories of Africa and knowing I wasn’t meant to stay still […]

November 22, 2018

Morning Gratitude

gratitude, happiness, inspiration, kindness

  Morning Gratitude. Are you the kind of person that bounces out of bed, rearing to go? Moving quick, quick, quick? Or do you move a bit more slowly, savouring your morning, really setting yourself up for the day? Below are a few ways to savour your morning a bit more, to start a gratitude […]

December 22, 2017

Hobbies! How to ACTUALLY Make Time…


Hobbies, do you have one? How do you fit it in? Last week, we talked about Burn Out and how it is way more common than we’d like to admit. Particularly during busy times like Christmas! I gave you some ways to combat it-have you tried any? Do you want to start a new hobby […]

December 15, 2017

BurnOut-You Got It?


Exhaustion. Anxiety. Feeling like you are never getting it all done? Welcome to Burn Out. We’ve all been there. The important thing to remember is HOW to get out of it. Self Care What springs to mind when you hear self care? Bubble baths, massages, 45 hours of yoga? You know what self care REALLY […]

December 8, 2017

FOMO. It IS Real, Y’all.


Oh my gosh. It is that time of year where everyone is posting those amazing holiday photos. You know the ones, the crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches, fruity drinks in pineapple cups. Or maybe all of your friends seem to be getting engaged with huge sparkly rings and you can’t seem to keep a […]

June 14, 2017

Let’s Talk Self-Care


Man, let’s talk Self-Care. hashtagSelfCareSunday, huh? Who can raise their hands up and honestly say they perform some kind of Self Care daily or weekly? Do you even know what it is or consists of? I once heard a quote by the ever amazing Danielle LaPorte It kinda stuck with me. So onto what Self […]

June 4, 2017