Align Your Life Program

Are you looking to level up your life by getting into alignment with your cycle, finding your self-care rituals, and waking up to the fact that it is bloody awesome to have curiosity in the seasons of our bodies? If so, you are in the right place!

I teach driven and aspiring women how to find alignment in all of those areas and any areas that they need guidance in.

I am fiercely passionate about the work that I do because nothing lights me up more than seeing a woman realise her worth and power. The possibilities that arise while doing this type of work are endless and that fills me with much excitement!

There is a reason that brought you to my page today. You feel a calling, a need to understand the way you feel, the way your body feels, that innate desire to be who you are truly meant to be. You know there is a better way.

I help women who know:
*there is more to life than this and feel so lost
*that you are not meant to be exhausted all of the time (even with kids!)
*that you shouldn’t feel frumpy and embarrassed in front of your partner *that you shouldn’t feel so unfulfilled, lost, and confused

I work with women who are ready to:
*have their life back
*feel sexy and vivacious with their partner and about life
*trust themselves again
*know WHO they are

Maybe you know who you are but don’t feel any vitality or perhaps you don’t trust yourself. Regardless, you believe that nourishing food, natural cycles, how you move your body, spirituality, community, play, pleasure, and presence are all necessary, important areas of your life. Sometimes these areas need a little extra support and nourishing. You innately know when you need to inject more into your support system. Is this the time?

Feedback from my sessions

Sarah will not only teach you how to be more conscious and deliberate about your cycle, but she will also empower you to adapt in a way that you organise your life to benefit from and, as such, have greater love and understanding for the cyclical being you are. Wherever you are on your journey to ultimate well-being, this is a tool not to underestimate. It will bring you closer to nature, closer to yourself as a woman.


Before my session with Sarah, like many women, I was going through life reacting to whatever my body and mind were feeling in the moment. Now with Sarah’s help, I am able to plan my diary in order to nurture my body’s needs any given time. I also have so many useful tips for ways to prepare physically and emotionally for every phase of my cycle. I left our session feeling not only inspired but excited for what is ahead and proud to be a woman, rather than thinking it can be a nuisance at certain times of the month. I am very excited to work with Sarah again, and her program is packed full of incredible material. Her lovely personality makes you feel lifted after each session and I can’t recommend her enough if you are looking to improve your life.


Sarah’s knowledge of our moon cycles goes beyond your typical emotional bodies. This session included insight around my spiritual wellness and my physical wellness as it related to my specific moon cycle. It helped me to obtain more clarity around when I should be focusing my creative energy and when I need to honour my soul and just slow down. Or better, just completely surrender into rest. I felt assured and a sense of empowerment after our session together and absolutely feel like I have a whole new relationship to look forward to with my body and specifically my cycles. How exciting is that?! I would highly recommend Sarah and this program. The information, the approach and the level of detail go far beyond what I have seen out there and it is totally nourishing!! Take the leap, honour yourself and your cycles. Every woman absolutely needs this.


Align-90 Days of Coming Back to You

A three-month coaching commitment to each other.
Session details are below and flexible:

Session 1
Your Personal Plan (go through your why, understanding the seasons, why it is important to live cyclically, and how to track and journal)

Session 2
Happy Hormones

Session 3
Soul Nourishment

Session 4
Ditch the Inner Mean Girl

Session 5
Create the Life You Want

Session 6
Wrap Up and Celebrate!

Package details:

  • 1 x 90-minute introductory session.
  • 5 x 60-minute sessions.
  • Audio recordings from each session.
  • Email support and worksheets.
  • Daily reminders based around your personal needs
  • Seasonal Playlists
  • Seasonal Meditations
  • £150 (approximately $267 AUD / US$190 ) per month for three months. Payment plans are available and encouraged!
  • Alternatively: book two programs in advance (6 months in total) for a 10% discount per month.

My contribution to our partnership:

I am a qualified health and life coach, as well as a registered yoga teacher. I have many years of experience in guiding women and mothers to a more fulfilling life and lifestyle which has given me a deep understanding of the challenges and desires women and mothers are facing in today’s world.

Making the decision to put ourselves first and to take care of ourselves is never an easy one and I completely and wholeheartedly understand this. A myriad of emotions will bubble to the surface; fear, scarcity, comparison, resistance, just to name a few. We owe it to ourselves and to our daughters and other women to live our lives on our own terms and to begin to radiate a joy that only you can do.

I commit to holding you accountable, to view your life in a way you can’t or perhaps, you won’t see. I commit to always guiding you back to your soul and heart.

As a mother, entrepreneur, and woman, I know first hand the importance of putting self-care rituals first, of allowing myself to view my life with curiosity and nonjudgement. Using my cycle and my body’s own innate natural rhythm has allowed me to live life to the fullest.

When we start to pay attention to our bodies, our whole world opens up.
Let me guide you back to you.