Women’s Wellness Facilitator. Speaker. Writer. Podcaster. Coffee Drinker. Mama.

I am:

I educate women on their journey to understanding their menstrual cycles. Ditching confusion, fear and stigmas, women can tap into their unique energy rhythms and become friends with their bodies. I have been working with women for the past 8 years and has been in education for over 15 years. I first became aware of the subtleties in which you can align your life with your cycle when searching for a better way after having her daughter and not getting on with birth control. I then discovered Menstrual Cycle Awareness and my life changed for the better. I rediscovered myself and a way of living in tune with my body that I had never experienced before. My awakening to this way of life made me realise that so many women were missing this crucial element in theirs and, with that, I set off to change that, one period talk at a time!
Last, but not least, I am a Mama, a Wife, a Friend, and working on myself and my version of my life every single day, laughing and making mistakes along the way.

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What I do:

  • I lead you on a journey back to yourself, using cyclical living as the key
  • I teach you how to read and understand your body, based on your menstrual cycle
  • I equip you with powerful and personalised information about your body AND how to use it effectively

You are ready to work with me if:

  • You are looking to understand your body, your moods, and your period
  • You are tired of being caught out every single month
  • You know there is a better way but you feel overwhelmed with where to start
  • You are tired of feeling like a failure and a victim for losing your cool
  • You are tired of waking up and being at the mercy of your emotions

You want more of this in your life:

  • Ease when it comes to planning your days
  • Energy and balance
  • To easily give yourself a permission slip to rest if you need it
  • To KNOW what your body needs and when it needs it
  • To see that patterns and rhythms your body naturally has

Befriend Your Cycle, Befriend Your Body

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