Private Yoga Sessions

I generally teach these on a 1 to 1 basis, although I will accept up to 3 in a private lesson (through your arrangement). Private lessons are conducted in your own home and are a fantastic way to fit yoga sessions in OR to create a bespoke practice just for you. Contact me for more information!

Yoga at Work

I teach group sessions at your office! Do you sit at your desk all day with only the occasional walkabout? Do you wake up and go to bed feeling stiff and achy? Let me come into your office and teach you a 45-minute class that gets you up and moving during your lunch break, all while having a laugh and a good time!

Essential Oils

Have you ever peeled an orange and gotten sprayed in the eye? Yup, that is essential oil! Let me help empower you and uplevel your life using these tools. We are a society demanding transparency around our options to support our physical and emotional health with nature. If you are interested in learning more, I would love to guide you. Shoot me a message to schedule a complimentary chat.


Are you tired of being tired? Of shouting at your kids? Of not know who the heck you have become and definitely not having any time to try and figure it out? Mama, I HEAR you. I was exactly the same. Running around, constantly juggling (I should have been in the circus with all that juggling I did!) and I realised quickly it was not how I wanted to live my life. Feel the same?! Let’s have a quick chat on what it is you truly desire in life to bring back your vibrancy and what is stopping you, slowing you down, or getting in your way of having just that.

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